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Blumond Magnum Limited Edition

Sale price$60.00
Limited edition

Let the cork fly, experience the thrill of the pop and share the celebration! A limited edition and luxurious crystal clear Magnum Bottle of our acclaimed Blumond.

Because Bigger is Better!

Craving something new, delicious, yet unexpectedly blue? Blumond™ is here to quench your thirst with a burst of flavor in each sip. Our unique sparkling wine is a one-of-a-kind treat you don't want to miss. Pop the cork, take a sip, and get swept away to a blue-tiful paradise. Cheers!

"We wanted to create something very special, excellent & unique that has not been created before, changing the color to a vibrant Tiffany Blue and making it sweeter and easier to drink. Popping a bottle of Blumond sends a direct signal to the brain that something special is about to happen."

Type : Sparkling

Color : Bright Blue

Grapes : Glera

Sweetness : Sweet

Size : 1500 ml Magnum bottle - 12 servings per bottle

Closure : Natural cork

abv : 7%

Perfect for : Devoted to celebrating life’s special moments with elegance, extraversion, and glamour. Perfect as aperitif, for celebrations, wedding and engagement parties, it makes any moment special!

Black Friday extended.

And it's Bigger than Ever! Don't miss out, ends in

"...make your outdoor drinking even more Instagram-worthy this year."

"...get your hands on a bottle while you can."

"They're transforming a little-known family winery into an international success"

"...get your hands on a bottle while you can."

" is already poised to be at every girls' night you go to this year."